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We are Aldine Auto Service – Leading provider of auto repair and collision repair solutions.

Aldine Auto Service is Houston’s one stop shop for quality automotive and auto body repairs.  Our friendly staff will help you get back on the road, quickly and within budget.  Our mechanics are trained and certified to provide you full service auto repairs and maintenance, including oil changes, auto tune

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ups, transmission repair and engine repairs, along with auto collision repairs, restoration and much more!

We have proudly been in business since 1996 and a BBB accredited business since 2002. Here at Aldine Auto Service, quality work and happy customers are our number one goal.

Call or visit us today! We are waiting to help you with your car!


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We Offer Estimates For Free

Quality Automotive & Paint & Auto Body Repair


Our Promise and Values

For over 20 years, Aldine Auto Service has

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been setting standards for performance and superior repair services in the automotive industry. We aim to continuously exceed the expectations of our client and to deliver quality auto repair & collision services to the Houston, TX Area. Our technicians are fully trained and educated in providing a safe and friendly working environment. All employees have passed an extensive background check. We offer quality customer service along with very competitive rates. Building long-term customer relationships founded on high quality performance is the cornerstone of our business. Why should you settle for anything less?